Pinetime won't reconnect to gadgetbridge after being disconnected for a while
When I first pair and get my Pinetime (running InfiniTime 1.3.0) it works great. Even if I have a disconnect from getting too far away from the phone it will reconnect as it should. The problem is that if I leave it disconnected for a while, like overnight if it's charging or I'm just not using it for a day or two, it will not reconnect no matter what I try.

The only way I can get it working again is to delete the device in gadgetbridge, reflash InfinitTime then it will connect again. Well actually, just now I was able to get it to reconnect just after removing it in gangetbridge and adding it back without reflashing. That hadn't worked the previous attempts because gadgetbridge would appear to freeze for a while and I was killing it. As you can imagine reflashing the firmware every time it's disconnected for more than a few minutes gets rather annoying Smile.

Anyone else having issues with Infintime not reconnecting to gadgetbridge?
Restarting the PineTime with a long press ~10s is usually enough to get reconnected for me. I used to need to delete and re-add from time to time in GadgetBridge too, but don't remember having to do that recently. Whether it's due to my memory, the update to InfiniTime 1.3, or a GadgetBridge update from F-droid I couldn't say. I don't think I've ever needed to reflash to get it to connect.
long-press-reset also makes it reconnect for me
#4 seems even long pressing the pinetime button to reboot still doesn't do it for me. Only thing I can do to get it to reconnect is remove it in gadgetbridge, close and reopen gadgetbridge, add new device, wait a couple minutes while it appears to freeze and then eventually it will see the pinetime and I can tap it and connect.
I'm having the same problem, despite just updating Gadgetbridge (and I'm on 1.3.0 for the PineTIme)... won't reconnect without removing profile on Gadgetbridge.
See and the related issues linked in that report. Between them they cover the symptoms discussed here, as well as what's been done so far in trying to find the cause and fix it.
(08-24-2021, 04:56 AM)wibble Wrote: See and the related issues linked in that report. Between them they cover the symptoms discussed here, as well as what's been done so far in trying to find the cause and fix it.

Thanks for the link. Read through the two issues and it looks like it's a widespread issue. It appears someone is onto something with what might be the issue. Hopefully a fix is found soon.
InfiniTime 1.4.0 with GadgetBridge 0.59.2 combo on my Samsung Note 9 now works properly. Previously, I had to long-press the button on the watch every morning to get it to connect to the phone.
Just got my Pinetime earlier this week. It shipped with Infinitime 1.2 on it, and it had the described issue. Updated to 1.4, and the connection issue got a lot worse. I was lucky if it would even connect to Gadgetbridge at all. Switched to WaspOS 0.4, and it paired easily and reconnects automatically like it's supposed to.
Infinitime 1.6.0 fixed some major issues with Bluetooth. I still have to restart my watch every other day or so but it's much better than before, and it seems Gadget Bridge can reestablish a connection without restarting the watch most of the time.

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