When would be the Clusterboard back on stock?

any idea when would the Clusterboard be back in stock?

In the current form probably never. Better look for a second hand one or if a reseller still has one.
Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried searching for a re-seller but no luck. Do you have an idea who might have it? Thanks.
(08-11-2021, 03:09 AM)poVoq Wrote: In the current form probably never. Better look for a second hand one or if a reseller still has one.

Can you explain or provide a link so I can find out more info?  I recently purchased a bunch of compute modules hoping to snag a clusterboard when it's back in stock.
What improvements are going to appear in the new version?
Is there any timeframe plan?
So far no-one knows and there is only a weak indication that tilim said he maybe wants to work on it "in September".

Obviously the battery/reboot issue and the problems with the new SoEdge modules need fixing.

Also it seems they need to replace the network switch chip due to supply problems.

In my personal experience (with a v2 board) the emmc slot is also non-functional, but that was never conclusively investigated.

However, I am somewhat skeptical if there will be ever a new clusterboard. There never was more then a niche interest and Pine64 isn't even using it for their own cluster. And the new Quartz64 module is using a different form-factor that does not lend itself well to a clusterboard type of device.

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