PineTime bricked?
Hi to all,

I've started to use PineTime for about 3weeks ago - I've bought dev-kit. Last week I've upgraded firmware to version 1.3 of InfiniTime. After firmware upgrade I've verified and it looked fine. Everything was working fine, until battery was completely discharged. I've used the same charger as before but watch doesn't seem to be starting. It's completely blank. Doesn't matter for how long I push the button nothing happens. I've tried second charger from the dev-kit, still no results. Any ideas what more I can do?
For firmware installation I've used nRF Connect from Play Store. As a companion app Gadgetbridge from F-Droid.
Bump. I'm in the same boat too.
Just an update from me - I've asked irc #pinetime same day when created topic. Their advice was to wait about a week/two for complete discharge. Today I charged again and everything works!
@0x0000ff try the same, leave PineTime for a longer period of time and try to charge it. Hope it helps.

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