PineTime suitable for wake-up alarms?
Hey all,

Playing with the thought to buy one, I wondered whether the PineTime is currently capable of waking you up via vibration -- presumably by notifying you about an alarm going off on your smartphone over a companion app, as this thread states an alarm app is to be developed.
Planning to use a PineTime with InfiniTime and Gadgetbridge as companion app, but did only find implicit statements for and against said capability.

Grateful for any answer Smile

Currently, there's a couple of issues. Firstly, using GadgetBridge+Pinetime+Infinitime, the connection seems to drop quite frequently, requiring a restart of the PineTime before it can reconnect. Because of this, the chances of missing the alarm are high. Second, in my experience, when an alarm does go off, the Pinetime (with infinitime) only vibrates once, no matter how long the alarm is going off. A single vibration on your wrist with no sound, is not going to reliably wake many people up.

Hopefully later versions of Infinitime will work on both reliability of the bluetooth connection and also vibrating continually until dismissed (either on the watch or phone). When that happens it's likely to be a good option. Until then I'd suggest sticking with your phone near your bead. ;P
Yes, but only using Wasp OS currently. I use the pinetime to wake me every morning. The alarm in Wasp OS vibrates extremely energetically many times and has never failed to wake me.

Unfortunately battery life of Wasp OS is a lot shorter than that of infinitime, so the pinetime needs to be recharged every two days or so.

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