Please Help: Bricked Pinebook Pro with Keyboard Update
This is embarrassing. But I could really use some advice.

I bricked my computer trying to update the keyboard/touchpad firmware using this repo:

The problem is that I installed the ISO instead of the ANSI, so now my keys are all mismatched. 

One option seems to be to try to map the new keys to the old keys. But since I've only got the password field of the login to work with, it's tough to verify what's what.

Any better advice? I'm open to reinstalling the OS or just about anything.
(07-13-2021, 08:18 AM)dumbguywhobrokehiscomputer Wrote: I'm opening to reinstalling the OS

If you really don't need whatever data may have been on the same media with the OS, this is likely the fastest and easiest option.  But maybe overkill, the more I think about it.  Here are some (maybe better) ideas:

  • Maybe there are some instructions at that repo to reverse the process?
  • Maybe some setting you can make (perhaps by ssh in to the device)?
  • In fact, ssh (or serial console) into the device should let you use some other (working) keyboard I would guess.

I would ask them, maybe.  But first, make sure you search existing issues and their wiki and what ever other resources they make available.

Let us know how it goes.
(07-13-2021, 01:36 PM)TRS-80 Wrote:
  • In fact, ssh (or serial console) into the device should let you use some other (working) keyboard I would guess.

Ahh. I was very excited about this idea. But it looks like ssh is not installed by default, unfortunately. Thanks for the tip though.
>I'm open to reinstalling the OS or just about anything.
The OS has NO effect on keyboard firmware,,
You will have to run firmware update again (and hope that you do not have limited write chip)
When login you have 2 lines, user,<enter> password (not echoed) <enter>
So, on the user line, see what the keyboard does, make a list, if the key echos as typed put a check after,,
else something like q = m (if you type q and get a m)
Probably you will be able to find out what to type to get a login and rerun flasher
I have little experience, an on screen keyboard, mouse keyboard
But you still have to get logged in, so not likely

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