copy/past/ firefox/mobian
It drove me crazy not being able to past code into terminal from firefox. Somehow I figured it out. I'm sure there is a more elegant way of doing it but this works.
What ever you want to copy, highlight it. 
bring up keyboard and type  copy  and hit return. 
go to the globe at bottom left of keyboard 
select terminal.
tap on < icon bottom right.
tap on menu
you will see a tab open up 
tap on copy.
ignore page it pops up.
go to terminal
long press on curser
tab will pop up 
tap on past.
As with many thing with pinephone, its a little glitchy, sometimes you will have to do this twice and yes it kind of a pain but its a lot better than entering stuff manually. Also this gives you a way of storing data on phone. Instead of ignoring the download page, you can past to there.
I hope this helps.

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