What native PinePhone application would you like to see in the near future?
``How would a bible reader differ from a regular ebook reader like fbreader?''

I'm not familiar with fbreader. 

A bible reader knows about chapter and verse, and can switch between versions, and between bibles and commentaries, and can work with dictionaries and concordances.  On androids, I use mysword, https://www.mysword.info/

Thanks for the pointer to the emulator.  I'll try that on my desktop while I wait for the Pinephone.  On my Blackberry I'm using Desmet's emulator,https://sites.google.com/site/olivier2smet2/home/go41cx.
Order from most wanted to least (from my perspective) but all I consider important

Email client - (I'm sorry but Geary is not usable for me even on the linux desktop) and plasma mobile doesn't have any client yet
xmpp client - supporting OMEMO and audio/video calls - (like android Conversations app)
battery usage app - similar to what you can get in battery info in Android 11 (various statistics like estimated time until it runs off energy, list of apps using the battery the most etc)
scanner app - to be able to scan via mobile using SANE (in desktop ubuntu I use "document scanner") in LAN
youtube frontend app (not the youtube app by google) - equivalent e.g to android NewPipe
navigation app  - using the openstreet map (equivalent to osmand android app)
podcast client (antennapod on android)
feeds reader (Feeder on android)
voice recording app (on android I use the one from Simple Mobile tools via F-droid)

some of these maybe exist and are working properly already today, but lack of good email client is pretty sad IMHO.
There are many others too ( I consider important in order to switch from AOSP) like the camera app, web browser ...(megapixels is really just a demo currently and FF with specific settings is just a workaround too)

I consider a good android emulator as must have too unfortunately (that is only for few financial apps I _have to_ use, like mobile internet banking ..), because I doubt that such apps will ever have responsive linux mobile alternatives (they are usually ios/android exclusive)
(04-14-2021, 12:26 PM)nelstomlinson Wrote: (snip)
A bible reader knows about chapter and verse, and can switch between versions, and between bibles and commentaries, and can work with dictionaries and concordances.  On androids, I use mysword, https://www.mysword.info/.  (snip)

The Sword project is FOSS, Sword/Crosswire project has several forks that compile for Linux
another fork unlisted above is Rapier which was built for the Nokia N900/Maemo5 Linux.
(04-13-2021, 05:00 PM)nelstomlinson Wrote: I would really like to have a decent bible-reading app, and an HP41CX emulator.  A solid solution for running Android apps would deliver both, and a whole lot more.

For Android apps there's Anbox. It's slow to start and a RAM hog, but it generally works.

As far as Bible apps are concerned, LINMOBapps lists two options already, which both work reasonably well:
blog | app list | co-host of PineTalk
How many of these in-thered requests are already available? For example Debian has quite a few already in the repos if you can get the unstable working(that only requires the project to document how to do this in the wiki).  Though these apps will run they may not scale properly and may not have a way to interact properly or launch the keyboard.

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