screen goes blank when I insert pinephone dock, or usb-a to usb-c adaptor
Hi, does anyone know a fix for this?

I tried plugging in my pinephone dock (with nothing in it) to my pmos ce pinephone, running mobian, and the screen goes blank. If I unplug it, the screen comes back on again.

I have never used the dock for anything previously, or changed any settings in regard to it.

I was just going to plug a usb memory stick into the dock to transfer files to and from the phone, using a file manager.

The same thing happens if I plug a memory stick into a usb-a to usb-c adaptor, then plug it into the pinephone. (the activity light on the pendrive flashes for a second or two, however)

Regards everyone!
I have a couple usb-C devices myself, and behavior is a little quirky. For a couple of them, the display turns black like you described. However, if I plug the USB-C hub in question into a charger, the display turns back on. I think it might be some weird quirk or bug concerning power draw on external devices.
You have to turn up the screen brightness before plugging in a device that drains much power.
Thank you both so much for the feedback, you were both exactly right.

When I first plug in power to my pinephone dock before inserting it into the pinephone, the screen stays on as normal, -all good!

Also, (and I probably never would have found this myself!) if I increase the brightness of the pinephone to at least 30% on the slider, the screen can still be seen to be on, though it does dim a bit.

I suppose this is actually a small bug?

I appreciate both your time in replying!

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