Screws on bottom case coming loose
Buy a new screw for it. Even if it is stripped, the new screw will be slightly more surface area. Thread locker should work for this size case. Do not try inserting the old screw and further damaging it. There are other options in repair but they require a lot more skill.

When you get the new case cover you will want to pop it in from the stripped nut side first, leaving the screw out of that hole, but inserting and nearly tightening the next longest screw towards the front of the laptop. With the front of the laptop facing you and the lid hinge side away from you that would be #1L in the crude drawing below. Then fit the case cover into the other side and insert the matching opposite long screw (#6L). If the opposite side doesn't fit, don't force it. Go back to the starting side and make sure it is still lined up, use your fingers to apply downward firm but not hard downward pressure on the starting side, in the middle. Rest the rest of your arm over the case and using your forearm near you elbow to apply slight downward force on the opposite side. Using your freehand, carefully pull up on the middle of the case with slight pressure. This slight upward pressure dimples the case enough to make it "suck in" and align with the plastic lip on the outside of the laptop body. Once the cover edge is seated, remove the lifting pressure. Insert a screw on the opposite side #6L and ensuring the case is still seated screw it down but do not fully tighten it just yet. Ensure the case cover lip is seated by both hinges, set those screws then insert and tighten all the screws excepted the one going into the stripped nut. Use the thread locker and place the screw in, ensuring it is seated. Leave the laptop alone, don't even move it, for 2 hours, or as the thread locker directions indicate curing time. Use patience with the case cover. It may take some time to get it to seat correctly by figuring out the trick but DO NOT USE A LOT OF FORCE!

If the thread locker doesn't work, try the stronger thread locker with a new screw. If you don't want to have to buy a new case cover and wait, or to have something until the new case cover comes, there are rubber feet sold at any hardware store that could be used, but they may need to be trimmed or built up a little to work. If it were mine, I'd pull all the feet and use rubber tape or new rubber nipples that match each other.

Screw layout, as the laptop is face down (lid resting on a table/desk/bench surface) with hinge side facing away from you:

 2L 3L 4L 5L
 1L           6L
10S 9S 8S 7S

Where L=Long screw and S=Short screw.
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