Case upgrade for my PBP
I decided it would be good to have some kind of case, and naturally there are none sleeves on the market that are bespoke for the PBP.

So I looked around and decided to take the gamble with a case for the MacBook Air 2017 13.3" based on the dimensions.

It fits well enough as you can see from the photos.

It's a sleeve that leaves the ports available on both sides, the corners of the screen just fit enough to not come out, so it works fine.
On the bottom side it has loads of holes for the exhaust of the MacBook I presume, but for the PBP that's not required.

So now I can just drop my PBP in my backpack without worrying.

I also got a couple of USB to 3.5mm barrel cables to charge, important is to get the type with the correct inner diameter for the barrel port, I've seen different sizes posted. Also, not all USB chargers supply the maximum current.

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thanks for sharing. i planned to get a few sleeves for protection and will consider this option.
I wanted a sleeve to protect my PBP in transit, but not while in use. I picked the Tomtoc Versatile A13 360, which is on the thick and protective end of the range of sleeves.

Based on robt's experience above and the dimensions from the wiki, I looked through Tomtoc's many models, but none seemed quite right so I stopped looking and emailed them the dimensions. They said to use model A13-CO1D and that it would "fit perfectly." For each model, their website lists laptops that fit perfectly and others that "also fit."

While this is presumably their best fit for the PBP, it looks like "also fit" to me. Part of why I asked them was that the PBP is larger than their max dimensions for this model and you can see in the first picture that in one dimension it looks very tight, and in the other there's some space.

In the second and third pictures, you can see that if you just slide the PBP in, the corners probably won't tuck into the thick protection, but remain exposed, covered only by the zipper. There is enough room for you to pull the protection around the corners, but I'm not sure most people will do that most times. The extra protection this case offers may only apply to the PBP when that extra step is taken. Maybe there's a different size, but too big won't work either - the PBP would end up in the same place by the zipper, but it would arrive there with the momentum from sliding some distance. The extra protection will still help from many scrape and small drops, but there will be certain types of falls that the edges have limited protection from.

That sounds negative, but I'm happy with this sleeve. It's well made, inexpensive, and has a thoughtful design to really protect its occupant. I plan to use it infrequently, and I hope I can remember to tuck the corners to get the full protection.

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