Minor case damage with gentle use. (Is anyone else seeing this?)
Good afternoon my friends. I've had my Pinebook Pro for about as long as anyone now, and noticed some minor damage to the right hand side below the USB port. Mind you, I'm not complaining or requesting anything as this is so minimal and unimportant, but I wanted to check to see if anyone else had run into this. It seems like the plastic here might be too thin to stand up to normal use. For the most part my Pinebook Pro stays either on my desk to safely tucked into my laptop case. There are no loose items in the bag and it hasn't been dropped/knocked/etc. Honestly this could have been there from the start, but today is the first time I've noticed. I did have some trouble plugging a USB stick into this port the other day, but didn't really give it much thought. I wonder if reinforcing these would be practical?  XD

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Thanks for any input folks,

Yes, my PBP has very similar defects on both USB-Ports. I see them as minor issues of the kind that are to be expected from the first batch. For future iterations I would suggest to simply omit those thin plastic bridges all together. @Luke  I really hope Pine64 will follow an evolutionary approach with the PBP for further improvement of this already excellent device.
I do not have any damage at the ports yet, and I am using both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

But I can see how this can happen. The plastic is extremely thin at the bottom of each port and it doesn't look like it will accept much play during USB insertion.

That also appears to be the same area where they had to do custom post-production machining of the magnesium bottom covers.
Yup. Right side plastic under USB port completely broke off.
(12-16-2019, 03:05 PM)acr Wrote: Yup.  Right side plastic under USB port completely broke off.

The case around my left usb port is also cracked, and upon closer inspection is actually just loosely sitting there! I am definitely going to try Loctite to hold it in there-hope pine64 solves this in future batches! I have not used the port much either... Angry
mine must have been broken off on assembly ,lol ...better that way
Mine has not cracked or broken...yet...but I anticipate it will.  The USB port is just slightly low vs. the case cut-out for it, it is putting stress on that un-reinforced super thin piece of case plastic.  As stated by some above, it will probably be an improvement once it snaps off as right now I have to insert my USB at a slight downward angle to fit it.  For me it is not a big deal but something that should be tweaked in future production runs.
I'd jump in and claim mine's broken, too, but I did it.

Be very careful when reassembling the case. I cracked part of mine when putting the final turns on the bottom screws. I wasn't applying that much force (the screw could still turn more,) but now stop when I feel the screwhead has entered its seat.
The plastic under the USB 2.0 port broke off on mine as well, and the piece under the USB 3.0 A port on the left side feels like it's starting to go too.

I wouldn't mind if the next revision of the case just molded these pieces out entirely, they're way too thin to last.

I didn't even notice that the right side piece was starting to break, I picked my PBP up off my desk one morning and the piece was just sitting there.

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