Flash non-bootable eMMC?
Hi everyone, I've managed to come up with a non-bootable eMMC after attempting to install Gentoo.

I can boot from SD if I turn the eMMC switch to off, but can't boot from SD with with the eMMC switch on. Obviously, in this scenario with the eMMC off, I can't flash a new OS to the eMMC.

What's the proper method to getting a functional OS back on the eMMC? Or more preferably, boot from SD with the eMMC switch on so I can continue to tinker with the Gentoo install that's on there? Thanks!
turn off emmc, boot from sd, turn on emmc, rebind emmc in terminal, wipe/write. the commands to bind the emmc can be found on the primary pbp wiki page.
Thanks, @tophneal, that did the trick! I didn't realize the emmc could reinitialize while the system was running.

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