PineTime is dead!!
Has anybody tried to update the bootloader the old bootloader that PineTime ships with seems to have a problem I am not sure how many units are left unsold with old bootloader pre-installed on PineTime that is causing the charging issues. On the other hand it could be that the "feature" or "bug" Improves shelf life of the battery so it could be by Design they are installing this old bootloader Here is the LINK
Got everything sorted now, steps working, got the Time and date at last due to the siglo app from a Twitter user, everything is good now and I am using it daily. Waiting for the new 1.0 update to see the new look
(10-26-2020, 02:25 AM)Markdanni123 Wrote: Updated my PineTime yesterday and it worked fine, update went through got the 0.8 validate tick thing and everything was fine, I placed it down for a second and when I went back to pick it up everything was dead, no screen turns on, no indication to say that it’s charging, just nothing what a waste of money this has been was actually rather excited to get my watch and see it develop into something awesome but nope!

your watch is dead,
not the project.

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