Graphics issue on ubuntu bionic
I received my pbp a few weeks back and was generally happy to get it.
It arrived with Manjaro ARM plasma, but due to missing 32-bit support and therefore inability to use widevine, I decided to flash ayufan-rock64 bionic-mate 0.9.16-1163-armhf image to the eMMC module.

I did so using the usb-to-eMMC adapter and 

dd if=bionic-mate-pinebookpro-0.9.16-1163-armhf.img of=/dev/sdc

Afterwards the graphics was glitched, shown on the picture. Which I thought was due to a loose connection. But after flashing the Manjaro ARM image using the same dd command, the graphics was fine.

[Image: RrdQZwh.jpg]

Any ideas to as to why this would happen?

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