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Just Got my Pinephone yesterday. Quite the adventure but I will leave that to a different post. I can say with pretty good confidence that Visible is not a viable carrier at this time. That could change in the future but for now its simply a no go. It can see towers but no calls texts or data. (Tested in Mobian/Manjaro Phosh) I made quite a few APN attemps for the unsuported phones (There are apperantly 4 apns total that need to be added) but I had about as much luck as everyone else who attempted it. If you guys know a way or have some ideas I would love to hear it.

Next, Straight Talk. (The Walmart burner sim) It worked.....for about 5 seconds before they shut me down. (I used the Verison sim.) I guess they are pissed I pulled the sim out of my flip phone and put it in the pinephone. After about 3 calls and a few texts I get an audio message instructing me to put the sim back in the original phone. (This amuses me. Why do they care what phone I put it in? Its my plan, my sim, and my money and I can simply choose to not pay since there is no contract.)

Now that I know that Straight talk....sort of works, im considering getting a sim specific for the pine phone and registering via phone call. Im still not sure if data works....didnt get that far before getting shut off. I do know that ST is offers Verizon, AT&T, Sprint sims so ideally, if they don't whitelist Pine Phone they have as good a chance as any. If they do mentioned, a spoof may be an order.

Next time im at Walmart I guess ill burn up another ST sim since I had progress with it.
For those trying verizon and it's MVNOs, the APN for data is vzwinternet
I have all working with Verizon sim via US Mobile using modem manager based OSes. Ofono ones work best with GSM sims
US Mobile works great. The Verizon sim needs to be activated in a separate phone though. The GSM sim would let me activate it with my pinephones IMEI however I dont have GSM service in my area so I couldn't test it. As others have mentioned, Call,Text, and data all work.

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