Dark screen on boot up (?) on new Pinebook Pro with Manjaro
Okay, I just have to laugh. I updated the packages on the SD card, rebooted it, and it came up with a dark screen. I can just re-image to the downgraded SD image for the card, and repeat the process, but an SD card image that can actually access the eMMC would be really nice right about now.

More importantly, thuis shows that this pitfall is still in the Manjaro package server, after other people have fallen for it. I am done with Manjaro at this point and will be looking for other OSes, and if they can't fix this, I think the Pinebook community should seriously consider moving to another distro
The Ubuntu Fosse SD image boots the laptop with a working display and lets me access the eMMC.

SO now I just need to know what to put into /etc/ to get the backlight turned on during boot up.
1. Just screen back-light not turning on?
2. Or LED over F2 key doesn't go GREEN from RED?

If case 2, you shold have done two "dd" commands for u-boot configuration after update (before reboot).
(08-18-2020, 04:35 AM)cynist Wrote: 1. Just screen back-light not turning on? 
2. Or LED over F2 key doesn't go GREEN from RED?

If case 2, you shold have done two "dd" commands for u-boot configuration after update (before reboot).
Just the screen backlight.
Boot ubuntu (SD) I assume it works?

edit/ make a file called "bright" (with sudo/su)
cd /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight
echo 3200 > brightness
(for some reason, space before and after ">" seems to be neccesary)
sudo chmod 777 bright

mount emmc (rootfs, not boot)
sudo cp bright to /mnt/emmc/root (replace emmc with appropriate)

shutdown, remove card
boot with emmc, ctr-alt-F2, do it twice (or more), wait until sure is booted
All this is blind, type carefully
login as root,,password ,, ./bright,, alt-F1 (preceding "./" is essential)

I have looked (grep) in /etc, trying to find where backlight values are stored, no luck
There is a systemd unit, seems dead or part of something else

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