I/O errors from SD card slot? (Manjaro, kernel 5.7)
(10-20-2020, 10:20 AM)Surehand53 Wrote: Hi tophneal.

What exactly does it mean to 'rma' the sd card with the badblocks output?

I have a similar problem, I can write (mostly) images to the sd cards but after one boot with updates the trouble starts, usually a read only file system.
I am using 5-6 different sd-cards though, some of them only a few weeks old.
Is there another way to test if the sd-card reader is maybe broken? Is that even a thing ?
Currently I am not able to boot anything reliable from sd card.

"Return Merchandise Authorization"

I tested my suspect/bad SD card, and contacted SanDisk with the test output I got and my receipt for when I purchased the SD card. They agreed that the SD was bad, issued an RMA and sent me a replacement. (Typically, companies will request you send the faulty item back as part of the RMA, but given it's a bad SD card, this is unlikely.)

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