Manjaro versions bad and good
I found that it was easy to download and install Manjaro images to my SD card using Etcher. However, after fighting Manjaro XFCE I have been pleasantly surprised by changing to Manjaro Mate. Using XFCE I tried to upgrade without success. The package manager was impossible. I tried to download/install Libre Office without success. After trying to download/install Abiword I then tried to use the terminal and the command "sudo pacman -Sy abiword". Everything appeared to work. However, When I rebooted the SD card was corrupted and the system locked up. So I reformatted the SD card and installed the Mate version of Manjaro. What a difference. The layout was more like what I was used to from working with my Raspberry Pi's. Icons on the taskbar were handy and made sense. I was able to install Libre Office without any difficulty. The download/install was slow but I could easily follow everything by watching the Package Manager screen. My Pinebook Pro is sooo much fun using Manjaro Mate.

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