File transfer from Linux Desktop and PinePhone
Does anybody know a way to transfer files from a Linux desktop (POP OS 20.04) to the PinePhone using Mobian? The desktop doesn't recognize the PinePhone when connected through USB and I haven't been able to figure out how to transfer files.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
USB should work after installing the "pinephone-devtools" package.
Apart from that the usual suspects (ssh/sftp/nfs/samba) come to mind.
I have been using sftp (might need to install pinephone-devtools or just the openssh-server first)
    "USB should work after installing the "pinephone-devtools" package.
    Apart from that the usual suspects (ssh/sftp/nfs/samba) come to mind."

Indeed, usb works for me after installing pinephone-devtools. Otherwise if usb is not available to me I have been using nfs-kernel-server and have an export to the sd card. (install on internal emmc, sd card for data storage and swap space)
Is phosh closely enough related to gnome-shell to work with gsconnect?
(07-08-2020, 10:21 AM)wibble Wrote: Is phosh closely enough related to gnome-shell to work with gsconnect?
In principle it could work. Comparing and
I don't think it's currently working as the relevant DBus interfaces are not implemented (yet?) in phosh
I set up a proftpd server on my desktop linux box, then used firefox to ftp in... seems to work. Filezilla and Jftp have screen issues.

I guess my usb works; I installed the pinephone-devtools, and the phone dings whenever I plug/unplug it, but the desktop still doesn't see it.
Thanks a lot for the help. I installed pinephone-devtools but the desktop still doesn't recognize the device. But Samba works great and I'm cool with that!

I do appreciate the help and I'm really loving Mobian right now. It is my secondary phone right now but I could use it for my daily driver as everything important to me is working like 4G calling incoming and outgoing, SMS, and Geary works pretty well. Map navigation is still a work in progress and battery life is still poor but this project is moving at light speed IMHO and a huge thanks to the Devs!!
I use scp , as i already have the sshd activated

In addition to the answers above I'd like to add that the "Connect to server..." menu in the file browser works just fine. I've used it to transfer files directly on the phone and on the computer I use either Dolphin (the KDE file manager, not the GameCube emulator) or FileZilla from the Debian repo. For Windows I guess I'd use WinSCP.

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