How to flash the emmc when it has Chromium on it?

So I installed Chromium on the internal emmc in my PBP. I'm guessing the U-Boot on it has the emmc in the first boot position. I'm assuming the way to flash something else on it would be to corrupt it so that the PBP boots off SD and then I can flash from a Linux distro on there.

How do I corrupt the emmc using Chromium? In particular, the Linux subsystem won't run.

Or is there a better course of action?

If you flip the emmc switch and have a bootable SD card, I don't see
why you couldn't boot whatever on the card
I would use mrfixit, if you update, uboot is ver2, a worthy dd candidate (if=)
Then flip switch at 2 seconds or unbind/bind
Personally, I would dd /dev/zero to the first 16M, just to be sure
the mrfixit v2 uboot mentioned (as well as pcm720's uboot) can be written to your emmc with Chromium installed. It pretty easy to do, and there a few scripts to help make it easier.
Hi. Thanks for the responses.

Finally figured out I need to get to crosh, and then to a shell, so I could run dd and put a different u-boot on.


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