Question about graphics support
libreelec was using the mali blob until recently, pretty sure that was a 5.x kernel. i would poke around there first.
I don't believe there is any available Mali blob driver for non-Android Linux that supports Vulkan for RK3399 (Mali Midgard T860). The user-space blob drivers available from ARM are for T6xx and T7xx GPUs, not T860, and the blobs distributed by Rockchip for the T860 in the RK3399 don't contain Vulkan support. See where JeffyCN (Rockchip employee) states "the company only bought vulkan support for android platform(it's expensive)".

I'm happy to be corrected, but I think at this point, there's no Vulkan support on Linux, and further development on Panfrost to implement a open-source Vulkan driver is probably the most likely path to support.

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