Pinebook Pro?
Quote:(...) come on, $300 for a FHD IPS hexacore 14" notebook, who would be that picky ?

Basic research says 'most people' (60-70%). But there is no need to get into this discussion here.

1 - a future module wouldn be guaranteed to work with a mainboard which would host a RK3399 module for the Pinebook Pro. Also ... a RK3399 module doesn't exist, and may never exist. Lastly, price-wise, I doubt that there will be/would be a big price difference between a RK3399 module and the Pinebook Rro mainboard.
2 - I feel like we're talking past each other here :Smile I'll let it be
3 - Not sure about adding a LED strip under the keyboard ... but a keyboard with LEDs does cost substantially more than one without. If you think you can get a solid result with a LED strip or a few scattered LEDs, then I am really interested in either seeing an example of this or having you do it. Take a look at the current Pinebook (actually pre-pro of current Pinebook to be precise, but doesn't matter in this case) teardown ... how would you run LEDs into / under the keyboard? I don't think this is viable - I also have not seen people do this on other laptops without LEDs, leading me to believe its probably not easy to do nor possible to achieve a reasonably satisfying effect.
5 - The mainboard in the Pinebook Pro is rather small - same size as current mainboard in the existing Pinebook (see pictures above). No way to punch ITX holes in it -- if you want a RK3399 board that can be fitted in a case, why not just get a RockPro64? These things aren't that expensive ...
6 - its not possible mechanically / electrically
7- There will be replacement parts - if you break something you won't have to re-buy the entire unit ... is this what you're asking about ?

Quote:What about the idea to fit the PineTab in place of the keyboard to get a dual screen (dual cpu ?) notebook ?

Heh, nope. Keep in mind what TL always says: "Its not reasonable to include features that only 5% of users want and make the remaining 95% pay for these features as well"
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(02-13-2019, 10:31 AM)Luke Wrote: 7- There will be replacement parts - if you break something you won't have to re-buy the entire unit ... is this what you're asking about ?
Just want to make damn sure you know how much I appreciate this. I've sent enough devices off for repairs and receive them back shoddily that I would much prefer to do these myself, and this is what you guys aim for. I love pushing against the disposable tech trend, and your Pinebook upgrade kit seals the deal for me. Pine64 is definitely becoming a favourite tech company for me.

Just need a UK reseller to avoid large import costs now lol.
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i have a question, it will have developers tools avaliable at launch? i do not need a lot, with vscode or atom i have enough
Pine64 are hardware guys, software support is up to other developers.

Here's a copy of VS Code that works on aarch64.
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The detachable backlit keyboard for Google's Pixel Slate costs $200 and all reviews I've read say it's a must-buy accessory. Personally I don't mind a so-so keyboard on a touchscreen tablet but a bad keyboard on a laptop really annoys me. Seems like you have to buy a gaming laptop with some high-end video card and three turbo fans to get a decent keyboard these days. Sad
Luke, I seriously want to send my thanks to the Rock64 team. This laptop is everything I've been looking for in a mess around computer!
(02-07-2019, 06:38 PM)Jeff115 Wrote: It would be nice to have a dual boot os, especially with the 128g version, and Microsoft is working on bringing Windows on ARM, maybe we could dual boot Windows with Linux?

Can we install Android OS ?   Tongue
matiwal, Thanks - but I cannot take any credit for the device

Zirali1981, you can ... but ... thats not really the intent of the device.
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I've been wondering, how good will battery life be? Currently, I have Pinebook 11" and I really like the ultra-portable form-factor, plus it has a very good battery life time. But, say, if I upgrade it to Pro board, how much power consumption will rise? I assume that CPU could be throttled down, when longer battery life is desired and it shouldn't consume much more, than A64 on full speed?
(02-14-2019, 05:01 PM)InsideJob Wrote: Seems like you have to buy a gaming laptop with some high-end video card and three turbo fans to get a decent keyboard these days. Sad

Using a Dell Vostro 3555 (AMD A8-3500M) which I changed the keyboard for a backlit. This is essential, especially in low light. And it's fu^habulously cheap (less than $20) :

Just find a compatible backlit keyboard that would fit the 14" form factor of the Pinebook Pro and use it instead. It's not such a big deal if you can find it in large quantity through a supplier. What annoys me is the lack of numeric pad tough.


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