PBP Complete Loss of Password Recognition
I am very sorry to report that my PBP has suddenly and inexplicably locked me out, it will Not recognize my passwords for any ID I have created, nor for the default rock ID.  

My guess is I will simply need to make a new boot stick and reload the OS?  

My daily use has just been to boot up, enable any machine and the Debian OS updates, and then proceed with using the machine.  Last session was trying out Geany as an IDE, and using the web to help with that.  I have not been pursuing any assembler coding, nor any similar thing that may have interfered with the OS password operations.  

So, I am here to ask for guidance, where do I download an ISO file of the default Debian OS please, and where are there instructions on making up a new OK install?

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PBP Complete Loss of Password Recognition - by jcj52436999 - 03-15-2020, 11:48 PM

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