Mount eMMC after booting from SD card
Does anyone know whether it's possible to boot Debian from an SD card on the Pinebook Pro, then insert the eMMC card and mount it? I briefly tried, but had no success.

A while back I messed up uboot on the Manjaro installation on my eMMC card. Afterwards, the Pinebook Pro wouldn't boot from eMMC, or from any other Linux distribution on an SD card if the eMMC was attached. If I remove the eMMC, which I currently have, I can boot from the SD card, but if I re-attach the eMMC card after boot I can't work out how to make the system mount it.

I've ordered a eMMC-to-USB adapter from Pine64, but I was wondering whether there was any other way of mounting the eMMC on an already booted Pinebook Pro.

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Mount eMMC after booting from SD card - by Feakster - 02-15-2020, 03:21 AM

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