How to Load a eMMC from usb adapter
I purchased mine from Pine64 after I put in my 'pre-order', but long before my PBP actually arrived.
I even bought 2 of them to cover any worst case scenarios... ( I think it cost the same price to ship 2 as for one )
The adapters are relatively inexpensive, the wait time did not hurt as I did receive the adapter before my PBP arrived anyhow.
My Main concern was that I wanted to be "certain" the eMMC actually fit into the adapter.
Getting it cheaper and or faster would not do any good if it did not fit the Pine product.
Not all eMMC modules use the same sockets as the Pine products.

Sorry if that does not help you, but I do suggest getting one from Pine

I believe there is one image for the SD card, and an image for the eMMC, the image for the eMMC has the boot order for your PBP,
causing it to boot first from the SD card, while the version for the SD card just "BOOTS"

( Please correct me if I am wrong here )
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