NOOB: Z Wave discovery in OpenHAB help needed
Hi All,

I've bought the Pine64 2GB and Z Wave module (EU version) to automate my home using OpenHAB.

As I am a total NOOB at this, I decided to first create a small Z Wave network using 2 Domitech Z Wave smart LED light bulbs only.
I immediately got stuck:
- I've installed OpenHAB on my Pine64.
- In Paper UI on Configureation->Things page, I see the Z Wave Serial Controller: 'online' (connected to /dev/ttyS2).
- I then try to get the controller to get into discovery mode by pressing the big '+', select Zwave binding.
- For 30 seconds it shows a rotating arrow, within that time I put one bulb in discovery mode.
- The bulb does not get 'discovered'.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there any way to tell if the Z Wave device is really in discovery mode?

Need help here...

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NOOB: Z Wave discovery in OpenHAB help needed - by JamesWatt - 10-22-2016, 01:43 AM

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