Latest Manjaro-Phosh and Arch-Phosh won't boot
(07-01-2022, 11:09 AM)grinzie Wrote:
(06-24-2022, 09:17 AM)Chief Wrote: Do the initial update and then stop right there. Do no more updates except perhaps one more update after you have installed the apps of your preference to one time update those apps.

What do you mean by "initial update" and "updates"? Software app? Pacman command? Should I be using different pacman flags than "-Syyu"?

(06-24-2022, 06:09 AM)bobjrsenior Wrote: I think this could be your issue:

Bingo! I will use that resource in the future, thanks.

I was hoping frequent upgrades would deliver that "sweet spot", but I was also checking the reliability of full system upgrades by package. Arch had a good run through May and early June.
In the meantime I decided to try Mobian-Phosh again.

* Stuck with an even earlier version of Firefox in ESR
* Battery life seems comparable to other distributions (contrary to previous experience on PP circa six months ago)
* Better usability in Phone app - proximity to face toggles display
* 2 successful upgrades by Software app (no more manual full system upgrades from command line for now), including one today
    * In between, unresolved dependencies prevented Software app from upgrading anything, but dependencies were eventually resolved

So I am happy with Mobian.

grinzie: What I mean by initial update is directly after the initial flash, then reboot, when ready do a pacman -Syu as the initial update (if applicable). After that install apps that you like ie, Libreoffice etc and then reboot, do another pacman -Syu to update new apps (again as/if applicable). Check the device out and if it fits your requirements and performs properly - DONT TOUCH IT !!!   Big Grin

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