JumpDrive isn't working
I have a Beta edition PinePhone which had the default Manjaro OS installed, but things started breaking after I pacman -Sy && pacman -Su-ed it. The first warning sign was the on-screen keyboard not showing up on the SDDM lock screen, and after a reboot, SDDM outright failed to start. sshd was still working, so I installed and started LXDM (after stopping and disabling SDDM), and although it started succesfully, the on-screen keyboard still failed to show up. 

Next, I tried replacing the contents of /etc, /usr, /var, and /opt on the eMMC with a fresh copy from Manjaro's PinePhone image by copying them over without flashing the entire drive (which was a horrible idea in retrospect and wouldn't have saved any time vs. reflashing from microSD), but something went horribly wrong because sshd went down almost immediately, and I can't tell if the phone is on any more.

Just now, I dd-ed JumpDrive onto a microSD card and booted my phone, but the only difference seems to be that a green LED in the upper left corner of the front of the phone turns on; the screen itself is off, and I don't see any new block devices from my PC. I think my immediate questions boil down to these:

  1. Is my host PC missing a driver? dmesg doesn't seem to have picked up any plugging/unplugging events while the phone is on and ostensibly booted into JumpDrive. lsusb likewise doesn't change with the phone connected or disconnected. If the kernel driver needed to detect a PinePhone running JumpDrive isn't installed/loaded by default on a typical Arch system, this could be a quick and easy fix.
  2. Is it normal for JumpDrive to start with a blank screen? If not, how should I troubleshoot it? I've already downloaded the image twice with cache cleared, and the checksums match.
  3. If all else fails, is there a way to have the eMMC reflashed more "manually?" I don't have much in the way of appropriate tools/equipment, though...


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