SIM card slot not working
OS works fine for not being connected to a cellular network, but it never detects the SIM card. I tried putting it in, resetting, getting new distros installed it still doesn't attempt to call or detect the SIM card. If it's of any use for this info, i ended up shaving off some of the ends that would scratch the SIM card for putting it in, but it still shows that the SIM card is not installed and phone calls are not going through.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Is there a troubleshoot page for the hardware of the SIM card itself or if it can be done through OS? I saw that there is a discord channel maybe i can share more info there.
Which phone model, & which operating system ?
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(02-11-2022, 10:37 PM)bcnaz Wrote: Which phone model,  &  which operating system ?

It is the pinephone pine64 phone, (PINEPHONE - Beta Edition with Convergence Package Linux SmartPhone) and right now i'm using Arch Linux, but i tried different OS before like KDE plasma.

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