Pinephone Keyboard Utilities on postmarketOS

I have my Pinephone Keyboard working really well with my Pinephone running postmarketOS edge.

However, I cannot check the current charge of the keyboard battery.

The device does not show up as /sys/class/power_supply/ip5xxx_power 
I am unable to compile the ppkb utilities as sdcc is not available in the pmOS.

Does anyone running pmOS on the Pinephone know how to tackle this?

Thanks in advance!

Relevant links:
Pinephone Keyboard userspace module FAQ
Software Support for the PPKB

I've searched the forum for
  • ppkb postmarketOS
  • sdcc postmarketOS
  • ppkb pmos
  • sdcc pmos
but haven't found anything so I thought I'd open this thread

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Pinephone Keyboard Utilities on postmarketOS - by elof - 03-03-2022, 06:39 AM

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