Pinephone 64 PostMarketOS edition Battery Issues, Not Hardware Issue
A thread with similar issue is closed.

postmarketOS is not charging the batteries at times; and the menu bar shows always charging, regardless if the device is plugged or not.
Also, the same result I can see from 'powersupply' package, always charging.

This issue happened with the newest stable release.  I have attempted replacing the battery with J7, and the same issue is there.

When PinePhone Pro is booted with Manjaro Plasma stable OS, the battery issues is not there, with both the PinePhone OEM battery, and the J7 battery.
With Manjaro Plasma stable OS, if I disconnect the phone from the charger, it shows so; and if I plug back the USB charging cable, the PinePhone Pro will charge, with no issue.

It is indifferently an issue with postmarketOS with charging the phone; or thinking it is being charged and connected (while it is not).

Issue is not with the hardware, it is with postmarketOS.

I have to boot up the Pinephone Pro with Manjaro Plasma OS to get the phone charging, and not depleting the battery, then switch back to postmarketOS. The loveliness of dual boot setup (SD card & eMMC).

Please, if any command I need to run, to supply more details, I am more than willing to do so.

Thank you

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