VPN for PostmarketOS
Are there any VPN's that work on PostmarketOS ? I would be using on the Pinephone CE; Pinebook Pro and Rock Pro 64. I usually use Proton VPN or Mullvad but i'm not overly picky.
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Pinephone Convergence


You do not necessarily need to use the VPN provider's official client. (I do not expect the official clients to work well on mobile GNU/Linux. Especially not on PostmarketOS which, being based on Alpine, uses musl instead of glibc.) Both Proton VPN and Mullvad support multiple standard protocols that have Free Software  / Open Source clients available (OpenVPN and at least one other standard protocol). Those can be used with the NetworkManager plugins that should be available from the PostmarketOS (or Alpine) repositories.

How well NetworkManager VPN plugins work depends on the GUI environment you are using. The one I am familiar with, Plasma Mobile, does not really support VPNs, but they can be set up using the desktop dialog "kcmshell5 networkmanagement". Then, if I type "nmcli c up thenameofthevpn" in a terminal (using the virtual keyboard) or run a script for it, that brings up the plasma-networkmanagement (desktop) dialog for the username and password (which can be saved, then you only have to click a button twice the next time you need to log in). The dialog is somewhat truncated, but enough of it is visible to log in successfully. To disconnect, use "nmcli c down thenameofthevpn".

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