Bluetooth keyboard paired to PostmarkedOS disconnect
Disconnects very fast. Bluetooth mouse a bit slower. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are important for LibreOffice. We think it should be possible to edit files with the PinePhone keyboard, since LibreOffice can be controlled by keyboard shortcuts. But LibreOffice was designed to be used with a mouse and has dropdown menues. Therefore a stable connection to a Bluetooth mouse is very essential for LibreOffice on the PinePhone.
Could this be caused by the Pinephone suspending?
That is an interesting question. This keyboard was tested previously:

But I  cannot find any users who report about it to use it as a daily driver. 

Wibble tested a stoaway Bluetooth keyboard who went into suspend but then woke up again after a key pressed. You can find it in the Pine64 forum.
He tested it for 30 min. Is it the only Bluetooth keyboard who does wake up again since it is and old premium quality especially designed for mobile phones?

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