Help needed: Jump drive not working
Thank you for all replies. I'm sorry for replying late to this.

I have tried loads of different combinations of setups and fixes. Including reflashing the firmware by using new a factory test image. I have also tried different images (and versions) of JumpDrive. Nothing seems to help. Right now, JumpDrive will work for a minute or two, and I could see the drive and partions show up on my desktop when connecting the cable, but then it all suddenly dissappears.

When I try to connect the USB-C hub, that has worked in the past, while using Mobian I have, at times, seen the following error message when typing dmesg in the termial:
"anx7688 timeout waiting for the message queue flush", which is followed by "anx7688 power disabled".

More often I have seen something similar to:
"usb x-x: device not accepting address x, error -62"

Searching the web gives some suggestions on this error on linux forums, but they all are quite old. I have tried some of the suggested fixes, but they don't work.

The only thing I could think of, hardwarewise, that might explain why the USB-C stuff suddenly stopped working is that I used my girlfriends "supercharger" one time and left it charging the PinePhone overnight. Could it have broke the device somehow?

I should add that normal charging still works but not the overall USB-C functionality, as described above.

Again, I'm grateful for any suggestions on this issue.

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