Cannot boot to SD card - Completely locked out of my phone the day I got it
I recently got my pinephone in the mail and within an hour locked myself out of the device. My model is the "Community edition: KDE plasma mobile" that came with Manjaro installed by default.

After looking it up online, I'm not the only one who realized too late your pin number to unlock your screen had anything to do with the password for the standard user. The only thing I've done so far is through the command line I updated/upgraded with pacman, disabled the SSH daemon (regretfully) and changed the password to the user. This has locked me out of the device.

I have been unsuccessful trying to boot anything from an SD card to resolve the problem above. I have tried 2 different micro SD cards, I have tried to flash from different devices (Desktop and laptop), different software to flash (dd and something called "balena etcher") and different OS images such as Arch, postmarketOS, mobian, sailfish and the phone when booting does the same thing. I was following these instructions...

From the wiki:

To install an image to the microSD card:

  1. Download your chosen image from PinePhone Software Releases
  2. Extract the compressed file
  3. Write the image to your SD card, see below
  4. Plug SD card into phone
  5. Boot phone

These instructions haven't worked on my phone when booting.

Mod instructions to install to emmc using JumpDrive:

1) download the Jumpdrive image

2) flash the Jumpdrive image to a SD card

3) boot from the SD card

Attempting to follow this mods suggestion about flashing the program "JumpDrive" to help with my problem, I can't get past step 3 because of the same thing as the OS images above happens when I boot.

Problem: When I insert the micro SD, I turn the phone on and a red light appears for a moment. Then it vibrates once and the light turns green/yellow, the screen lights up for half a second like it's attempting to boot and goes black almost instant. Then after a few seconds I see the KDE logo with the gear and it boots to Manjaro where I'm completely stuck and can't get passed the pin number. 

Jumpdrive, and every distro the exact same thing happens when attempting to boot from the SD card, I have checked after every flash that the files were written.

Can someone please help me get back into this phone I would appreciate it tremendously..

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Cannot boot to SD card - Completely locked out of my phone the day I got it - by Giddyup - 02-11-2021, 08:15 PM

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