emmc vs NVMe real-world performances
I am considering upgrading my Pinebook Pro with NVMe memory (at the moment it's using the stock emmc module). I am wondering what difference would it make on the Pinebook Pro for common, real world use-cases, and if it's worth it. Of course, boot times and moving/copying files would be noticeably faster, and browsing the internet would probably not be affected, but what about general responsiveness and other common tasks, such as:
  • Starting/using desktop applications
  • Compiling from sources
  • Installing packages
  • Playing "heavy" 3D games (my testbench is Supertuxkart)
I don't need benchmarks (even though that would be great), just anedoctical evidence is enough. Fundamentally, I would like to know if upgrading the memory will improve the general user experience with the Pinebook Pro and make it feel faster and snappier.

I searched the forum for this and, while there are multiple posts on how to install memory, I could not find anything related to performances. If I missed a relevant post, a reference would be of great help!

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emmc vs NVMe real-world performances - by Henry - 11-11-2020, 04:23 PM

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