eMMC not gets detected by initramfs?
Hi, this is my first thread, I'm new to PINE64 and need help with a Pinebook Pro.

So... My PBP has elementary OS installed on its internal disk, but after not charging for a while (I guess, it can be some other cause), initramfs stops detecting the eMMC... It says something like "UUID=xxx not found dropping to shell", and in the busybox terminal I found out that there's just no mmcblk2 detected! In /sys/block/ there's only mmcblk1 - my SD card! But the eMMC is definitely not dead, because the PBP still can find the bootloader from eMMC.

So what happens inside my PBP so initramfs can't detect it, but the firmware does??? And the problem just dissappears when charging for a while again?

And sorry if this question is stupid and it's on the first page of some documentation and was answered ~90 times on this forum and it would get 1000 downvotes on stackoverflow.

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eMMC not gets detected by initramfs? - by overlisted - 10-27-2020, 03:47 AM
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