September Pine phone sales ?
(08-28-2020, 09:03 PM)j8m2p6f Wrote:
(08-28-2020, 04:40 AM)bcnaz Wrote: Huh

Many potential Pine phone buyers "Missed the Boat"  on the last round of Pine phones.

A few of us early buyers from July 15th discovered too late our orders did not go through.

Please let us know when the next round of orders will open !

Thank you
How did you find out your order didn't go through? I ordered my PMos on July 15th also but all I received was a Paypal receipt. I wonder if my order didn't go through?

If PayPal did not pay Pine64,   then the order did not go through.

I placed 2 orders that day,  one for the Convergent Package phone,  and an order for
some Pine phone parts & accessories.

The order for the parts is on my PayPal statement, and I have already received that order.

LUCKY for me,  When Luke posted that they were almost 'Sold Out' of the Pine phones
   I got 'Greedy'  and ordered a "second" Pine phone Convergent Package on August 15.

That is when I noticed my PayPal statement, it does not list a phone purchase for July 15,
but the August 15 purchase was definitely "paid"....

If PayPal "Paid"  I am confident that the order did go through.

Luke has mentioned that because of the internet 'outage',   that disrupted some receipts not being sent out... While the orders did actually post.

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