How to boot from eMMC but have root directory on an NVME?
(06-24-2020, 11:56 AM)xmixahlx Wrote: you don't need /boot on the emmc if you are using a uboot with nvme support like mrfixit2001 v2.0.

you can also pass the label to mkfs (depending on your fs it is -L -l -n etc.) eliminating a step.

i am also expecting you can name your new nvme label whatever you want and then change that reference in uboot and fstab configs if you are loading by name.

it may also be a good time to make a swap partition.

i replicated the whole unofficial debian partition install structure from emmc to nvme to prepare for SPI boot sometime in the future. you may want to consider that approach for manjaro, also. if you don't end up doing that it is just a lost few MB on your recently huge new nvme. Wink

My goal was to stay away from dealing with uboot. Don't want to deal with the possibility of bricking the device. Since I moved the / partition only, the eMMC still has a swap partition from my initial install. This way the keeps the power consumption down from the NVME and keeps the filesystem from competeing with swap for bandwidth when in heavy use. Think of the eMMC after boot as a slower dedicated RAM. Also if the install breaks on my NVME I can change one config file from an SD and get an entire identical system running. Finally I did not have to deal with fstab.

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