Any word about Android builds?
I tried that multiple times without success so I gave it up.
I wonder if it'd be possible to drop into the Android install if it were on an SD, and dropped in from Linux? I keep meaning to try that on one of the Androids for the 1080, but things keep getting in the way.

It looks like someone was able to do it on a Firestick, at XDA, perhaps we could do the same but with the Play Store files for the RockPro64.
Is the image rooted by default?
IIRC, yes, but Rockchip made it only available through ADB. Which according to Wizzard, isn't working correctly. (Haven't messed around much more Android on PBP, since seeking to get apks running on Linux or CrOS.
(10-24-2019, 02:58 AM)Wizzard Wrote: Is there any working Android with Play Store working?

I used fDroid and google to find the APK files I wanted to install.  The lack of google play stuff will limit what you can run though.  It would be good if we could get opengapps in the image or a way of side loading it, same with rooting.  I haven't looked into it recently though.
Working as a Film Electric and I have been using Linux since around 2002. 
Like to play with Python and Jupyter Lab/Notebooks when not going to the park with my baby girl.
ive tried all the available methods to install gapps but the issue is we need a patched framework-res.apk but it needs to be signed with the platform keys which i dont have. if pine wants to help great but otherwise we have to wait for a newer version of android.
Well the image worked for me after I downloaded the RK Flash tool and modified the config.ini to display the program in English. However, the combination of the playstore apk and google play services apk seem to have bricked my install. Now it get stuck on install.

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