Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress
(07-13-2020, 01:16 PM)rdrowe Wrote: Want to say a big 'Thank-you!' to Pine64 team. Ordered both Manjaro Pinebook Pro and Ubuntu CE Pinephone back in April. So, the Pinebook Pro arrived after about seven weeks - excellent piece of kit!! Pinephone didn't appear, for all the very valid reasons mentioned. As I had to be away with work I decided to cancel my phone order ( during the hight of CV19 when we were given and option. ) I just followed the process and received a refund  - about ten days later. I was very happy with the service. Even better, my work changed again just when some Ubuntu CE Pinephones became available again - so I reordered.
Pine64 - thank you.
Fellow phone waitees - this is a small, socially responsible company, selling us a good product at a remarkable price. Let's cut them some slack and be patient. Peace.
It arrived today!
Good skills Pine64.
Richard Rowe

Pinebook Pro
Pinephone Ubports

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