Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
For anybody getting a link: my strictly personal impressions are as follows.

If you

•bought a pinephone community edition: ubports limited edition linux smartphone
•if you chose the cheaper shipping option (pinephone shipping, 15 usd)
•if you did not upgrade to DHL (for another 15 usd)

then the original carrier (shipping the parcel) was Asendia. It is a joint venture of French and Swiss Post. After some complications in the end they took the parcels to France, to Switzerland and for some unknown reasons to several other countries (eg Brazil), but not to the rest of the world.

After that a batch of the devices remained in Hongkong in a seemingly desperate situation. Ultimately the folk responsible for shipping found a new carrier that took the shipments to certain more destinations (it seems to me that these are mainly countries of the eu). We got a tracking number for our parcels, but we could not find any information regarding our phone.

As somebody has earlier mentioned, is not a carrier: it is a webpage to help tracking your parcels. But this webpage is unable to find our tracking number (probably in several hundreds of carrier specific tracking systems). What is more, they suggest that the tracking number belongs to Belgian Post. I think it is a mistake.

I think that the tracking number belongs to They might be a Chinese courier, a Chinese logistic company or something like that: it seems to be plausible that they have access to Hongkong (to where many other service may not have).

And now the bottom line: I could find my tracking number on (and on several other global tracking website). Now it says that my phone was picked up on 7th July, and it departed from facility to a (further, obscure) service provider. Anyway, it seems to be underway to Croatia (I live in Hungary but I am so much fed up with DHL Hungary that I asked to ship to Croatia).

So fingers crossed…

Sorry for the lengthy post.

Many thanks to the pinephone team.

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