Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
I am waiting for update on my pinebook pro. I have tried contacting by PM, by twitter, by opening support tickets.

My first attempt at contacting them was 3 weeks ago.

@Luke told me to contact him via PM, but did not reply.

Got a bland reply from support telling me to wait, since then I sent two more updates with no reply.

The main post notes:
[edit 30 June] I am aware that there is a small number of people who are still waiting for the PBP to arrive -- it is my understanding that the delay is caused by the DHL labeling some units as 'spacial handling' causes. These units will depart after July 7th.

[edit 1 July] The small number of outstanding Pinebook Pro's will ship out this Friday, July 3rd.

July 3rd has long passed, I am awaiting Fedex shipping (that was the only available option).

I see that people here are rightly pissed off, the service I have received is way below par.

I honestly believe they have no intention on shipping out my unit.

This is my last attempt to get someone to acknowledge and respond.

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