Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
(07-02-2020, 11:56 AM)daniel Wrote: June 9 Asendia upgrade to DHL
June 12-20 (around) Phones were picked by DHL

two more weeks without news

So, who has the phones? pine64? or DHL?

Since no one here knows about what happened to the first-update to DHL phones I decided to ask  few people and organizations (including DHL, Pine64, and other I prefer not to mention). Not all  responses matched, but I have to say that everyone responded very quickly, which I have to thank.

What I think it happened is that some of first -batch upgraded to DHL phones were never picked by DHL even when we were said they were 'cleared' on June 19th. It looks they were mixed with the second batch (as suggested before by another user). Remaining first-batch phones should be in DHL hands in the next 24-72h (I lost count how many times the phone was going to be shipped in the next 24-72h).

Even I understand the situation (covid, hong knong protests, etc) I have to say I am upset by the lack of transparency. They cannot say first-batch were 'cleared' and then discover that some of the phones were never cleared. I think, they could have said that for x reason some of the first-batch would be merged to the second batch instead. I have no problem with the delay, I have a problem with the murky info.

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