Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
(06-26-2020, 10:50 PM)wils91 Wrote:
(06-26-2020, 08:45 PM)tllim Wrote:
(06-25-2020, 06:01 PM)tiago Wrote: Hey @Luke, do you know something about asendia for my pinephone, or is that too early? I dont know, should i upgrade to dhl? I ordered late april, for my birthday in may ? and read the updates everyday, i hope that goes fast, the corona get killd and we play and develope some funny things on our pinephones? thanks for the good job, tiago

There are very few shipping companies taking battery operated device within EMS Post system, Asendia and Singapore Post (used by Aliexpress) are two that willing to take such shipment. Both post halt their shipment during pandemic time and now gradually open and the opening speed much slower than original indicated. Up till today, Asendia Post only open up French, Swiss, Australia and Brazil. We have probed Singapore Post and they are not willing to accept our shipment request.

Another complicate issue is Hong Kong government close their border between China, original opening date was June 7 and already postponed to July 7. This made our shipping staff not able access to Hong Kong warehouse and they need to figure out the way to deliver shipment from factory, cross border (custom declaration and check), transit point and then deliver to either DHL or Asendia. This method can only work in bulk shipment arrangement and also a lot of shipment work preparation.

Shipping team e very week probe Asendia when they can accept more countries shipment and even Asendia folks also cannot provide a firm answer. Shipping team relentlessly figure out the shipping method and they just find a shipping way for US shipment that using special dock to dock arrangement, but this method needs enough shipment volume (looks like US shipping quantity fits this requirement) and only apply to US. If this arrangement can be arranged, shipping team will deploy out all PinePhone US shipment on Monday. For other countries, shipping team still check with Asendia and keep explore on other alternate path. Once Asendia resume the shipment service for more countries, for sure the shipment will go out immediately.

Nobody knows that this Pandemic create such major disruption and create a lot of uncertainty and difficulty. Frankly speaking, the PinePhone already ready at factory and shipping team prefer to ship out all at once just like normal day.

There are two major factors that still make the shipping life difficult, 1) hopefully Hong Kong reopen their border on July 7 and no further postpone, 2) Asendia reopen back more countries shipment.

interesting to note that singapore post is able to do shipments but here i am in singapore waiting on PBP and to be told by sales that fedex couldn't ship and when i suggested DHL they say that

"Good point. 

That was previously arrangement and COVID-19 impact on the logistics is out of our control. DHL is more flexible to cope the situation. 

We are working out with FedEx and will process as soon as possible. We really as anxious as you to ship those FedEx orders. Hope the world work as Pre-covid-19 soon."

so i do not understand how does your shipping works and how is everything but the wait is really getting on my nerve. 
be it fedex or dhl, when you guys know that dhl works but you choose to wait and seat on fedex whichich gave you issues is totally really not very well handled. 
Thank you for lengthy explanation and many roadblocks that you guys processing daily. I have done previously shipments of mobile phones from continent to continent. I do understand certain issues. And I did press hard on my forwarder to deliver things creatively (note I’m not in this line of work before and neither now).
Since we paid USD30 for the DHL shipment, can DHL advise other ports other than HK? HK isn’t stable nowadays beside C-19. Over in Singapore here, i noticed that DHL is still operating. I’m sure there can be work around. Look, I’m super new here, hi to everyone! Cheers!

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