Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress
(06-18-2020, 05:03 PM)elfcat4 Wrote:
(06-18-2020, 03:56 PM)Minori Wrote: I believe Fedex shipments are not part of this forum, and must not be asked on this thread based on the last few weeks of regular posting about the Fedex shipping status followup but the recent conclusion of the Pinebook shipping section update. I am truly sorry for cluttering up this place of the inappropriate Fedex shipment question, and will directly contact the sales team from now on about this matter - if it helps.
can you please clarify that  ?
why is it inappropriate to ask what happens to the Fedex
shipping which cannot be converted to DHL  ?

All the battery operated device needs to be ship out from Hong Kong instead from China, this due to China Post don't accept large battery operated device shipment (PineTime is OK due to small battery but recently also suspend due to flight availability.
The Hong Kong government block their border since February 7, this suppose was three months blockage and resume on June 7. However, on early June, the HK government extend one more month blockage to July 7 and I keep my finger cross that they don't extend further more.
At currently time, due to cross border blockage, shipping team manage to setup bulk shipment arrangement from factory to shipping warehouse with DHL and Asendia. This is a quite complicated process due to involve on custom paperwork and logistic arrangement. The shipping team still explore whether able to get such bulk arrangement with FedEx. In the meantime, shipping team also explore on convert the original FedEx arrangement shipment to DHL.
However, such issue will be resolved once Hong Kong open up their border and shipping team can travel to Hong Kong warehouse to ship out the shipment in Hong Kong locally. This can only happen after July 7 and assume Hong Kong government not extend the border blockage again.
The pandemic situation has create TON of shipment issue, shipping team try their best to dispatch the shipment but there are too many factors not within our control.

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