Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
My intent was to simply get help after the email received. I am only trying to help pine64.

I recommend to staff, that if you have list of customers, which of course you do from paypal, etc transactions with email. A good process would be to make a simple email list, which can be done quickly with free open-source software. You can create 2 email lists: #1 for updates, which can be posted (a) forum (b) pasted in an email to all customers and sent via email for news. #2 set up to that your HK company Syabus (if they are the ones shipping) and via paypal or your own list, which can quickly process easily, sends out shipping notifications.

Problem solved. We all have limited time. All of time, money, energy and concerns should be respected.

There is something call integrity. Doing the right thing. The motto here at pine64 is "open. friendly. community-driven." Think about that. Words and actions.

There is my two cents, and that's it for my personal time on the matter. I hope this helps -- free advice from my end, no charge. I hope I hear back with a simple email saying that my phone is order will not be cancelled, contrary to the message I received. I hope I get an update via email with info (not words on a forum from 2 weeks ago that don't carry any reality or data) and the phone I ordered.

I am plenty patient, no problem. I ordered and have waited 2.5 months without even a workable phone. That is patience to the maxxx.

If at least I get the courtesy of a reply that my order has not been cancelled, will not be cancelled and that they are aware, care and will try to get some info very soon. That would be good enough for me.

OK. Done. As my email was obviously ignored and considering the very bad reply I got via email, I had no choice but to come to the forum for help.

You can choose to learn, grow, improve or take the opposite path. As linux users, it's kind of vital that we take criticism, field concerns and the first path.

Good luck. That's all the time I have, hope to still get a phone and maybe be part of such a community. Wouldn't mind hearing from some friendly and accessible to my email from pine64 at this point.

Seeya later.

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