Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
Luke, thank you for all of the updates.  I (we) all want our phones here yesterday but know that you have no control over that.  I really appreciate you doing this work.  The regular updates are what show's Pine64's commitment and great service.  Some items I get from that "rain forest" are often delayed for weeks with no update on why.  This has been refreshing to get the daily status.  No news is much worse than bad news.

Just a status update on my shipment in case it assists anyone wondering where their email/sms is.

I ordered my community edition on 4/25 to be shipped DHL and got a paypal notice that Syabas Technology in HK had received it also on the 25th.  I am in the Seattle area and so far have not received an email or SMS. 

(I'm not complaining.  I think I was one of the late purchasers and expect my email/sms/shipment will come later.  Also, not knowing the total ordered nor the total produced, perhaps I have to wait longer.  I'm happy to do so.)

Isnt it freaking amazing!  Soon we'll have phones that can run postmarketOS, Ubuntu Touch by UBports, Mobian, SailfishOS, PureOS, Fedora, Arch Linux ARM, Manjaro ARM, Maemo Leste, Nemo Mobile, KDE Neon, NixOS, LuneOS, Sxmo!

That's AWESOME!.  Albiet all (most?) of these are a linux distribution but if you consider the basic choices now of IOS vs Android, and you consider all of the Android flavors, these linux distros are much closer to IOS vs Android than they are to LineageOS vs Evolution X.

Also, unless we lax on checking the PinePhone distributions, we'll never be in a situation where we have non disableable applications like: <insert manufacturer or carrier> Email, Exchange, <manufacturer> Account, <m> Backup, <m> Backup Launcher, <carrier> nonameapp, Voice Command, and Voice Recorder. THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

On my phone these are NON disableable on my nonrooted nonromed phone because to root it I have to use a binary only tool from a country that my country's propoganda says is untrustworthy.
The last time I tried to disable the above apps by hand I bricked my phone to where I could not unbrick without using, again, closed binaries from an untrustworthy source.  The manufacturer did not provide the tools and roms to certify "this is stock".
This is <fourletterword>ed.

So I pray, I can get 4G LTE, VoLTE, working with my, again, closed not open to 3rd party phones carrier, using band 12 700mhz to get cellular to my unbroadbandable home in the 20 miles from Seattle woods. 

I will work to make this my daily driver.  I will share my work.  I hope you do too.

Luke / Pine64, THANK YOU!!!!

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