Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
(05-25-2020, 01:50 AM)I ordered the phinephone on May 12, 2020 and haven\t received any tracking information. I emailed sales and haven't gotten a response back. Pls transaction Id is: 6AK36332YD8397105  Luke Wrote: General situation overview
[25 May 2020] We're running mostly on schedule, give or take a few days, however unrest in the region has picked up so delays are possible - this is something we cannot predict at this point in time. I'll update this thread on a need-be basis until all devices ship.
[edit 27 May] The situation in the region has not impacted shipments. The minor delays are caused by pandemic-related restrictions imposed on the carriers or by the carriers.
[edit 29 May] The situation in the region is getting slightly more tense, however there is no indication presently that the situation will disrupt shipment.

Pinebook Pro
First two pallets of Pinebook Pros will ship out today, May 25, followed by more tomorrow. Shipping will continue though the week. DHL has pandemic-related limitations of a tonne per day, so it will take longer to clear all pallets than initially expected, but there shouldn't be any significant delays.
[edit 26 May] Approx 1/4 of All PBPs have shipped - first users should get their shipping messages today.
[edit 27 May] Second portion of PBPs will be picked up by DHL  on May 28. 
[edit 29 May] You can expect to see more dispatch notifications early next week.
[edit 1 June] Next portion of PBPs have started shipping. I know some of you have already gotten their tracking numbers, more will get theirs in next few days. If you don't get a DHL notice in the next couple of days, don't worry as ~40% of the PBP batch is yet to ship. 
[edit 2 June] Third portion (3 of 4) of PBPs will go out first next week, due to all PinePhone labels being redone which consumes a lot of man-hours.

First PinePhones UBports CE edition will begin shipping on Thursday, May 28.
[edit 27 May] All DHL shipments are scheduled for May 28.
Asendia has indicated to us that they will be ready for shipment on June 2; I'll update you on how many rounds of Ascendia shipments there will be closer to the date, when they're ready to inform us about shipping restrictions that will apply to us.
[edit 28 May] PinePhones shipped via DHL will be sent out June 1st due to some unforeseen circumstances at the factory.
[edit 29 May] Users waiting for PinePhones shipped via DHL will be notified of shipment early next week; shipping staff making their way with the PinePhones to Hong Kong over the weekend. Asendia has not yet confirmed the June 2nd shipment date.
[edit 1 June] PinePhones shipping via DHL and FedEx have started going out - you can expect to receive a DHL or FedEx notification in a matter of a day or two. Quick note re. FedEx - I don't know if more phones shipped via FedEx will go at a later date (stay tuned). The shipping team is still waiting for word from Asendia.
[edit 2 June] An issue with DHL has occurred. All shipping labels for the DHL batch have to be redone, which will take approx 48hrs. New shipment date set for Thursday, June 4th.
[edit 3 June] Team will wrap DHL-batch related tasks today and we're on  schedule to ship tomorrow, Thursday June 4th.

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