Open source office suite for touchscreen devices on linux and bsd
Has anyone tried calligra gemini ( ) on their pinephone. This is made for touchscreen devices. This is created by the KDE community. This might be really good on the pinetab. Has anyone tried any office suites like libreoffice on their pinephone.
I havn't tried calligra office on a pinephone yet but I have tried libre office on a 7 inch display with a similar aspect ratio (albeit with a kayboard and mouse) and it was actually not all that bad. Because of the pinephones smaller screen, you may initially have to user a keyboard and mouse and go into the libreoffice settings to change the controls size (I expect that they will be tiny on such a small screen). After that, however, I don't see any reason that libreoffice wouldn't be usable on the pinephone. Hope this helps!

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